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Rhos Helyg Family History offers the following:

Drawing of pedigree charts £20

Aimed at those who have undertaken some research for themselves and perhaps have a family tree on one of the major online genealogy websites, or as handwritten notes. I will draw a 4 ancestor or descendent chart. Supplied as a PDF, or printed at extra cost. Siblings of direct descendents can be included at extra cost. One additional generation for £10. Price does not include checking research.

Basic package £80

For those who are interested but who have not done any research for themselves. I will offer a 4 generation pedigree chart showing direct ancestors of the start person with explanatory notes. This would include references to sources. Supplied as PDF, or printed at extra cost. A further generation, 16 people, can be included or added later for a further £80. Certificates, wills or other documents required for research will be charged at cost. Note that it is not always possible to complete all generations.

More packages coming soon

I aim to provide packages including a Presentation package, Family Footsteps package, a gift book for children and ancestral research trip planning.

Hourly research £20

Research to answer specific questions, or following up suggestions for further research.

Due to the variable nature of this work quotations are on application but a price will always be agreed before any work starts. For more information or a quotation please email and provide as much detail of the work required as possible.

Gravestone photographs and transcriptions. I can take photographs of gravestones in the Criccieth/Porthmadog area and provide a transcription, and if required, a translation.

Finding out more from photographs and cryptic notes. Delve into the old family photograph box, and from the cryptic notes usually written on the back I may be able to help you to find the full names, dates and locations. We can scan photographs (slides, prints or negatives) and use them to create your family tree.

I can visit Caernarfon Archives to carry out look ups and perform research. I am also able to use the Family History Library films and other resources at the Society of Genealogists. I do not charge travel costs for visiting either of these.

Family history research.

Would you like to know more about your family origins? A family tree to be displayed on the wall can make a lovely wedding gift. Maybe you would like to know if there is truth behind a family story, have you been told you are related to someone famous? Is it true that you are the oldest son of an oldest son going back 10 generations?

Ruth has worked hard to research my family history. It’s not been an easy task as my family comes from Ireland & we had no idea whereabouts or when my ancestors moved to York. Ruth has researched deeply into into the records of the census over the years. What has been intriguing has been how the family moved around York & who both Grandparents & my father lived with. I had picked up some stories from them but no clear backup to the stories. Ruth has provided a family tree as well as scans of documents to back her research up.I’m very grateful to Ruth for doing all the research & I would recommend her to anyone who wants to find out their family history. - Paul, York

House history research.

Who lived in your house before you? What stories could your four walls tell you if they could talk?

Rhos Helyg is pronounced "ross hellig" and is the name of our house. It means "willow moor" in Welsh.

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