Shawe Steam Services picture archive

This page shows pictures of most of the coal-fired locomotives assembled and painted for Shawe Steam Services at Rhos Helyg Loco Works. Initial testing was also performed, before going through further rigorous testing and quality control checks after delivery to Shawe Steam Services.

All of these pictures were scanned from prints, and all are copyright Shawe Steam Services.

Roundhouse Argyll:

Looking quite different with no sand domes:

Converted to a 2-6-2T with "Americanized" tanks and smokebox details:

Roundhouse Darjeeling:

Roundhouse Fowler (BLACK ADDER):

The very first loco I built for Shawe Steam Services:

And the very first one to have lining:

A might-have-been in a Lynton & Barnstaple style:

Another "Anglicised" version, with running boards, modified cab and no sand domes:

Roundhouse Jack:

Featuring brass dome and buffers:

The first one for ⅞ths scale:

Two more for ⅞ths scale, both featuring a cab extension at the rear:

Another for ⅞ths scale, featuring built-in regulator (no steam turret) and lubricator disguised as a sandbox:

Roundhouse Lynton & Barnstaple (ACE):

Bodywork (cab back, cab roof, coal bunkers, etc.) heavily modified to turn the loco in to LEW:

Roundhouse Sandy River No. 24:

Roundhouse William using 0-4-0 chassis:

Aster Southern Railroad 2-8-2:

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