This page shows some of the models that have been through the Rhos Helyg Locomotive Works recently.

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Roundhouse Engineering Lady Anne 0-4-0T RIVER BLITHE

The body of this lovely vintage meths-fired Lady Anne came here for a couple of minor repairs and a repaint in to plain satin black. The owner reassembled the loco and the finished result is seen here.

It was also missing a spectacle ring or two. These are of the smaller size that Roundhouse used on their locos 30-odd years ago so I had a small batch of them made and I have a few left for sale. (Photo by Jeremy Mayo)

Roundhouse Engineering Darjeeling 'B' Class 0-4-0ST No. 779

The Roundhouse Engineering model of the Darjeeling B-Class is a fine representation of an iconic prototype. For good reason though the paintwork is a bit plain on an out-of-the-box model but a few apocryphal flicks of the proverbial paint brush coupled with some etched brass plates can turn them in to something quite special.

Both of these loco had been in store for some time and so they came here for a check of their mechanical parts, boiler and gauge glass cleaning, fitting of upgraded radio control and some paintwork attention. For the latter, the main task was to dismantle both locos sufficiently to have their boilers resprayed from incorrect blue to correct black. As far as I can determine, no blue DHR B-Class in India has ever had a blue boiler. Why the myth that they do continues in model form is a mystery to me. The black boiler was then followed with the usual red, silver and white detailing, grey cab roof, copper balance pipes and an all-over satin finish. DHR locos are not shiny! Both received a brass band around the smokebox and 804 also gained a cab back sheet, courtesy of my mother-in-law.

Roundhouse Engineering Bertie 0-4-0ST INISHEER

This Roundhouse Bertie came here for fitting of a number of Roundhouse (crossheads, water top-up system, pressure gauge, buffer beam overlays) and Locoworks (lubricators, sand boxes, rear cab door) detail upgrades, followed by stripping of its horrible "rattle can" paintwork and repainting in to satin black with red lining.

Morgan Locomotive Company Garratt 0-4-0+0-4-0 No. 15

Morgan Locomotive Works Garratt No. 15 had a more substantial cab fitted before being repainted in to green with white lining and black edging.

John Prescott Robin 0-4-0T

About 30 years ago, on a Friday evening during the summer you would invariably find me playing trains at my good friend Edward Hodson's line in Staffordshire. On occasions we would also be joined by the late John Prescott, and John would usually bring his latest creation for a run. I remember when he brought early builds of his Robin 0-4-0 side tanks and saddle tanks along, which I admired greatly, and especially the way he had managed to cram clunky 1980s radio control in to such a small loco. Sadly, a Robin of either kind has never come my way but it was still nice to have one here for a short period for some work. This one came here for conversion from radio to manual control and a full repaint. Absolutely delightful!

Archangel Festiniog Railway Single Fairlie 0-4-4T TALIESIN

The Festiniog Railway's Single Fairlie TALIESIN is seldom modelled in other than its current form, but this one bucks that trend with the loco seen in its earlier form with lower tanks, tapered chimney and open cab. It was built by Stewart Browne of Archangel Loco Works and arrived here with only the frames painted and the rest in either bare brass or primer. It was painted and lined to the owner's specification with name and works plates supplied by MDC.

Accucraft/DJB Engineering coal-fired Ragleth 0-4-0T MINA

This Accucraft Ragleth came here very much as a kit of parts, along with the coal-firing conversion kit made by DJB Model Engineering Ltd. The kit includes a replacement boiler, water pump, boiler filling system, water tanks, smokebox and all of the other components needed. The job was completed with a repaint from dark green in to satin black with simple red lining to avoid it looking too much like a black blob.

My sincere thanks go to Mike Darby at Chuffed2Bits for the repair work needed on the chassis.

Roger Marsh Avonside 0-4-0T MARCHLYN

The proverbial Box Of Bits can always be a challenge, especially when there are no instructions, few others around of the same type to copy and the box contains bits from more than one kit. Such was the case with this one, which eventually turned in to a model of Penrhyn Quarry's Avonside 0-4-0T MARCHLYN.

I've had a couple of the similar Maxwell Hemmens Ogwen/Marchlyn locos here, but this one was made by Roger Marsh so there are a few differences. I started by finishing assembly of the chassis and running it on compressed air. I then put enough bits on to get it running on steam. The chassis ran nicely but the boiler was not so good. The pressure gauge pipe was fractured where it was soldered directly in to the boiler, and the backhead water gauge glass was also leaking. Not something I can fix, so the boiler went off to Shawe Steam Services for repair. The pressure gauge pipe can now be easily removed from the boiler should the need arise, and a different and better method of retaining the backhead in place has also been used.

Meanwhile, I removed the poorly applied paint and applied etch primer, black with Penrhyn lining and red detailing, all followed by reassembly to give the result shown.

Roundhouse Engineering Double Fairlie 0-4-4-0T EARL OF MERIONETH

A Roundhouse Double Fairlie carrying a lining scheme based on that carried by the old (proper!) Earl of Merioneth prior to its withdrawal from traffic in 1971. Name and patent plates were supplied by MDC.

Roundhouse Engineering Dylan 0-6-0ST EMILY

The bodywork for this Roundhouse Dylan came here for repainting in a Festiniog-inspired scheme of green with red lining and black edging. Once completed the parts were returned to the loco's owner for reassembly. (Photo by Simon Sparkes)

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