Retirement - May 2024

Having been working as Rhos Helyg Loco Works (RHLW) as my sole source of income for over 20 years, and having "been there, done that" with most things I'd like to give it a rest. And so, having achieved the requisite age, I have retired from my "I'll do anything" mode of operation.

But what does this actually mean then? It does NOT mean that I will be stopping RHLW activities completely. Instead, I will just be more selective on what I choose to do, and how long I take to do it. My two favourite jobs are accidental damage repairs, sadly, and turning models in to accurate representations of full-size locos. Rare as they are, these jobs will continue as normal.

Things I no longer do:
 - Paint stripping - it will be up to the owner to do this.
 - Mechanical work on locos not based on Roundhouse components.
 - Mechanical work on Accucraft locos.
 - Mechanical work on locos from minority builders and exotic one-off locos.
 - Anything that involves water-slide transfers.
 - Gloss finish paint, so no change there then.
 - New radio control installations on non-Roundhouse locos.
 - Rolling stock kit construction.
 - Anything to do with whistles.

Things I will continue to do:
 - Agent for MDC plates.
 - Accidental impact damage repairs, whatever is needed on ANY make of model.
 - Accurate modelling of full-size locos.
 - Repairs to just about anything based on Roundhouse components, provided parts are available or can be made.
 - Painting and lining, provided the job is not too complicated and, if necessary, only on bodywork that the owner has stripped.
 - Anything that interests and enthuses me, jobs I would like to do, whatever that may be.

Tony Willmore - May 2024