Customer comments

"My loco is just as lovely in the flesh as in the photograph, thank you." - AH 05/24

"My loco has arrived safely. Looks better in real life than it did in the photo. " - MB 04/24

"My loco was safely delivered this morning. She looks really good. Many thanks. This should inspire me to get on with building a track for her to run on and some stock for her to haul!" - DD 03/24

"Amazing difference to the oily blue loco I sent you. Many thanks!" - AM 01/24

"My loco has been delivered today safe and sound. The paint job looks very good, so pleased with the colour, this will transform the look of her from looking like a toy to a realistic locomotive." - MB 12/23

"The wind and rain stopped enough this afternoon for me to try out Taliesin. All back working as it should be so thank you very much for sorting it." - MJ 11/23

"Loco received and all very good indeed." - NT 10/23

"My loco has done five circuits of my line and I'm a very happy bunny. Thanks for your efforts. It is very controllable." - TH 09/23

"Thank you for the lovely work you have carried out, very impressed. Loco and tender are beautiful." - JW 09/23

"I got my Merlin loco going today for the first time since you repaired her. She ran beautifully. Thanks again." - PW 07/23

"Have just ran the loco, works brilliantly - many thanks for all your help." - RN 07/23

"Had a good afternoon running session with Lew this afternoon, loco ran really well. Many thanks for your swift turnaround." - TC 07/23

"My loco arrived about 1 hour ago. It looks fantastic. Had a quick run on my layout, she runs a lot better than previously, and the burner is a lot better than before as well. Thank you very much for the work you've done, very much appreciated." - MP 06/23

"My loco has arrived and looks very smart, with many thanks." - NRH 06/23

"Packages have arrived safely. My loco looks impressive. Many thanks for a splendid service that was well worth waiting for." - AW 03/23

"Just a quick message to say thank you. I unpacked the boxes and my loco looks amazing." - AH 03/23

"Opened the box earlier this morning, loco looks great with the light weather. And thanks for the big boys treats." - JB 02/23

"My loco arrived safely and looks fantastic, I love it! I'm just going to make a brew and spend a while just looking and enjoying it." - DS 02/23

"My loco has returned safely to the Pownall Railway and is looking fantastic. Thank you for your great work." - AL 01/23

"All arrived today - very impressed indeed with the loco." - NT 12/22

"The parts arrived safe and sound. I've put the loco back together and I'm over the moon with the results! Thank you very much for making such a nice job of it. I look forward to trying her out again in the new year." - WC 11/22

"Just received thanks Tony, nice work. I'll enjoy the Fizzers." - JM 11/22

"Just to let you know that I've had a couple of successful sessions with the loco. Everything you serviced was working well - and it's now well run in, with radio control performing as expected." - DG 11/22

"My loco arrived at lunch time was on the track within 30 minutes and ran lovely. Thanks again for all the work you've put in." - RF 11/22

"Thank you so much for sorting out my loco and for your and your wife's hospitality yesterday. It's great to have it working OK and looking good. We had a great day, I learnt a lot and to see your locos was a real treat." - BD 11/22

"Thanks for today. We enjoyed our day out and meeting you was an important part of it. Thanks for doing the work mending my three locos." - BH 09/22

"Engine received with thanks, all safe and sound, and runnng sweetly." - GC 09/22

"Loco arrived safely on Saturday morning. Just had a brief steam-up in the garden and all is well. Thanks again for your help with the deadly De Winton. Really pleased with the result." - SC 08/22 (very satisfied customer!)

"My Roundhouse Silver Lady on test at Rhos Helyg Locomotive Works after having it's gas problem and damaged servo fixed in no time by Tony!" - DB 05/22 (with picture and video on Facebook)

"It is really superb, thank you again." - IB 05/22

"Engine received safe and sound. Struggling to get any work done as it's now in my display case and within my eyeline... Another excellent piece of work by your good self." - SK 05/22

"My loco is looking decidedly dapper, so many thanks for your artistry." - AM 03/22

"Arrived safely and very promptly thanks Tony. You're a star. Looks much better now." - JM 02/22

"Going to have a little steam up later, nice job. Thank you." - CB 01/22

"Both locos back home, absolutely fantastic work on them both!" - JT 01/22 (on Facebook)

"Russell made a rousing return to my railway today. Paying tribute to the Rhos Helyg Locomotive Works, the driver said that Russell was like a different engine. 'I needed to keep steam up on such a cold day, but Russell has never handled like this before. The engine's responsiveness, the quality of slow running, the degree of control in stopping and starting - Russell is a completely different engine.'" - MB 11/21

"A very attractive tram engine arrived this morning. It creates the essence of T&D No4 just as I had hoped for." - MD 11/21

"Look who's back! Thanks Tony for a wonderful job!!" - PE 10/21 (on Facebook)

"Just to say excellent service again from yourself and MDC plates. Keep up the good work." - GD 10/21

"Arrived safe and sound this morning. Thank you very much, its a totally different loco! I promise I'll never send a loco in such condition your way again!!" - JS 09/21

"I'm grateful for the time you've spent on my loco - I'm delighted with the result. As I said ... Wow!" - JB 06/21

"My loco is home safe and sound. Many thanks again. Fabulous service!" - BH 04/21

"I am not bothered about a quotation because your reputation is my guarantee and I trust you to determine a fair price for whatever is required." - BH 04/21

"Everything I had imagined and hoped for. Thank you." - MD 03/21

"My loco came back at dinnertime. I have had her in steam this afternoon. She is running beautifully. Thanks again." - RW 03/21

"Box of bits have arrived, paintwork looking good. Thanks again for fitting it in your busy schedule." - CL 02/21

"Thought I'd let you know that I ran my loco this morning on the track. He behaved faultlessly - it was a joy to see him back on home metals." - DA 02/21

"A very satisfactory experience and a very satisfied customer." - IL 01/21

"I am delighted with my loco's performance and very grateful for all that you did for him." - RL 01/21

"The engines have safely arrived, have been unpacked and inspected with no apparent faults or damage in transit. Thank you very much indeed; thanks to you I now have four lovely steam engines in matching livery.......a proper railway indeed." - AH 10/20

"My loco arrived here safe and sound this morning and passed his steam trial with flying colours. Thank you very much for your very prompt service. I'm very pleased." - RL 08/20

"Little John arrived safely today and is now running well on our track ... thank you!" - SB 07/20

"Millie arrived safely this morning and has successfully hauled the 13.00 train. Many thanks!" - RF 07/20

"Received the VoR nameplates today [From MDC] - wow! They are lovely, I don't think I'll be using any others from now on." - JM 06/20

"Just to let you know that my loco arrived safe and sound this morning. Thanks again for doing a fantastic job on it." - BS 06/20

"I ran the loco you built this morning and it ran very well and I could even get it to run nice and slowly. Many thanks for a good job done and it does run as good as it looks!" - BM 06/20

"Just a quick update on my loco - running brilliantly. It has never run as well. Very happy indeed." - JG 06/20

"Loco looks even better in the metal! What you've done really transforms the loco, thanks." - RW 05/20

"My loco has arrived safely and r/c working fine, thank you. Well done for squeezing that lot into such a small space. Perfect way to start a day!" - VB 04/20

"Loco received today in good order. Am very pleased with the way it has turned out, thanks very much." - NT 03/20

"Just a quick note to say that my loco has arrived safely. It looks magnificent!" - AM 01/20

"I've just had my Roundhouse Harlech Castle modified and weathered by RHLW. What a wonderful job, the additions to it make it look like the real thing, like the exhaust support and the NET badge on the front of the cab! I can't recommend Rhos Helyg Locomotive Works enough!!" - PE 01/20 (on Facebook)

"ST CHRISTOPHER (coal fired, RH Jack) returns to the fold, following a stay with Tony Willmore at Rhos Helyg Locomotive Works. Work included a repaint and lining job, plus sundry other items. Absolutely fantastic craftsmanship as always, I can't recommend Tony highly enough for his professionalism and attention to detail. Thank you Tony, I really appreciate your time, effort & patience." - AG 12/19 (on Facebook)

"The loco arrived safe and sound and is now on display in the dining room. Looks splendid, nice job so thanks very much." - BM 12/19

"Ragleth arrived back late morning. Had a quick run in the late afternoon sun and she is running again like new, if not better!" - RE 10/19

"Many thanks indeed for a good job well done! Thanks for such excellent service." - JB 10/19

"Back home safe and sound. Looks great, many thanks." - HP 08/19

"I'm really delighted with the job you've done and I was pleased that you took the trouble to consult me if you had any queries about anything. A professional job; thanks again!" - SH 08/19

"Just wanted to say that everything arrived safely. I've unpacked and am very impressed by the Regner transformation (the cab adds an element of civilisation to the multiple cylinders and spectacular piping). The Morgan Garratt is even more beautiful than I thought from the pics ... it changes the whole character of it. And the American Garratt has been brought to the maximum beauty possible under the circumstances." - AM 07/19

"Loco looks absolutely stunning, an absolute credit to you. Thanks again for taking the job and persevering when it wasn't going to plan." - SS 06/19

"SYD arrived today exactly as arranged. Opening the box, after the long wait, was a great joy when the finished loco appeared on my table. Tony, the sad and bent Robert that I sent to you has now has been returned to me, and has exceeded all my expectations. Your effort is nothing short of magic in transforming the heavily damaged and boring plain black loco to a magnificent, attractive loco with all the character associated with the L&B." - DO 06/19

"Locos safely received back today, thank you. A special thank you for a prompt and efficient service .... it's been a pleasure to do business with you. Do call in if ever you're over our way ... we can soon put the kettle on!" - SD 06/19

"The painted parts arrived safely yesterday, without a scratch thanks to the packing and looking good. Many thanks." - GT 05/19

"Thank you so very much for helping sort our problems. We went away extremely happy. Much appreciated your time and patience." - CB 05/19

"Thanks again for a job well done. The loco truly does look superlative now." - JC 04/19

"I just want to tell you for the record how pleased I am with Tipong 789. It has been a labour of love; a labour of faith and a great deal of speculation and fun. You have done a superb job - one that has fulfilled all my expectations and more and I know I have a unique and unusual model. Thank you for producing such a great model but more importantly thank you for your friendship and support while it was being done." - AM 11/18

"Engine arrived safely many thanks. What a splendid job you have done. I know my Grandson and I have a lot of painting and general tarting up to be done but even before we have started the engine looks very good. Many thanks for a splendid job of work." - DK 11/18

"The loco looks absolutely fantastic overall and I am very pleased with it." - MP 09/18

"I am pleased to say my loco performed perfectly and could be handled with far greater finesse than I had ever found possible with it before. So please accept our greatest thanks for sorting it out." - DW 08/18

"Thank you once again for all the work you've done on my locos." - JB 08/18

"The Russell is now working brilliantly - I have had it steamed up twice over the weekend - the fine control is excellent - many thanks." - RT 08/18

"Thanks for a job well done." - MT 07/18

"Arrived safe and sound. Just in time for the rain! Looks great though." - MB 04/18

"I have steamed the loco a couple of times today and the results have been excellent. I am very happy with the mods you did and would take this opportunity to thank you." - JF 04/18

"I have had my loco running this morning. She is running better now than when I first bought her in 2005 from Roundhouse. Thank you very much." - BW 03/18

"I took my loco to the workshop and fired it up. It started without having to push it round the track. It doesn't limp and runs without spluttering, even when cold. There is notably more power than before. I'm VERY pleased with the results of your work, a superb job." - CL 03/18

"Lilla has just arrived. She really is a thing of beauty, more so in the flesh than in the pictures, and your work on her is absolutely stunning." - IB 01/18

"Happy to report that the most wonderful engine arrived today. I am over the moon with it, it is magnificent!" - SC 12/17

"Just to let you know that I have been running my loco a few times today, and what a different loco it is! The burner is no longer extinguished by a gentle wind, running times are longer, ... the gas valve has a nice feel to it and is far more managable than before and the steaming qualities are far superior to what they were. The engine is now much more fun to operate and can now be operated in inclement weather, i.e windy days! Many thanks again for another job well done!" - PM 10/17

"I had my loco out today, on the line with the spiral that the engine struggled up prior to the change of regulator valve. She performed admirably, no issues about climbing the spiral today, and she seemed to be a lot more controllable, with several people remarking on her slow speed ability and response." - IB 07/17

"Many thanks for all your work on the loco. I am sure that there will be one very pleased little girl next Saturday." - EU 06/17

"My coal-fired loco had its first run since returning here this evening. A big thank you for all you have done to get me to this point - engine, radio, technique, etc. What a marvellous hobby this is!!" - MB 05/17

"Loco arrived safe and sound. Very impressed with results." - MW 05/17

"Engine back at home shed and running superbly. Once again many thanks for your help and expertise." - DO 05/17

"Magnificent dereliction! This is exactly what I was hoping for. Well done! I can't tell you how pleased I am with the locomotive and wagons! My daughter and I had a wonderful time running them last evening." - SA 04/17

"Thanks again for an excellent job." - CV 03/17

"Parcel arrived safely at lunchtime. Thanks again for a great job. To me, the modification makes the loco look a lot more appealing. Well worth the wait. Highly satisfied." - SU 03/17

"The finish is just great, thank so much for all the time and effort you put into the painting, nothing was a trouble. If anyone asks about painting models I will certainly point them in your direction." - RC 03/17

"Painted bits arrived this morning. Beautiful job, thanks." - MO 02/17

"Parcel arrived this afternoon, model looks fantastic." - RC 12/16

"Just to let you know that the engine arrived safe and sound yesterday. It looks even better in the metal than in the photos you sent me, it really is everything I had hoped it would be! I have to admit that the satin finish in particular is very pleasing." - PM 10/16

"Many thanks for the very clever screwdriver that arrived safely today, not sure how I've coped to date without one - there'll be a lot less in the way of colourful language and crawling on the floor when I'm assembling things from now on!" - AB 10/16

"Just wanted to say thanks again for the splendid job you've done on my Alco." - AJ 08/16

"Just returned from work to unpack my beautiful black workhorse: absolutely delighted - thanks so much." - KL 07/16

"The loco is transformed, to put it mildly. Thank you once again for giving me such a fine loco to work with." - PN 07/16

"I am so happy to see my loco's excellent painting and lining, and I am looking forward to weekend steaming up. I am very much satisfied with your marvellous work." - SS 06/16

"Very pleased with my little Hunslet, looks great!" - PE 06/16

"The loco looks lovely!! The repairs have made it better than new!" - PN 05/16

"What can I say? My loco looks even better in real life than it did in the photos! The realistic effect I was hoping for has been achieved, and I couldn't be happier with the overall look of the model. Removing the gloss finish and having the loco in satin just makes it look so much better, and the lining just sets it off beautifully. Honestly, I can't stop looking at it! All the service I've received from you has been excellent. I genuinely can't wait to take the loco to our next group meeting." - JM 04/16

"Parcel arrived this morning safe and sound. The paint job looks great." - CT 04/16

"My loco is running beautifully, thank you!" - AC 03/16

"Thanks for the work on the tram - looks great!" - MB 03/16

"Big thanks for my Garratt. It certainly turned a few heads at the weekend and matched against two others certainly looked the best of the lot." - PE 01/16

"The loco arrived safely yesterday and I have tested it on my garden line this afternoon. I am pleased to say that it is back to its old self and ran well." - SL 12/15

"Arrived safe and sound. Looks fantastic." - PR 12/15

"Magnificent!" - AM 11/15

"Tender safely received, looks good and runs well. Thank you!" - NW 10/15

"All arrived safe and sound. Another cracking job." - MD 09/15

"Received a lovely parcel a little while ago. You have made a superb job of it. I have no idea how you do it so well - I suppose it's skill, knowledge and patience.....! You are very talented." - AM 09/15

"Big thanks for my engine, I'm over the moon with it. Looks fantastic, you've done it again." - PE 09/15

"Gave my loco a good run and was well impressed with the quality of your work and performance, it is now exactly how I wanted it to be. So a big thank you to you, and if I need any work done in the future I know who to call, and will have no hesitation giving you a recommendation." - RP 09/15

"I gave the loco a quick test run on the bench. It is certainly more responsive and runs well at low speed when the chuffer sounds really good. Thank you for doing such an excellent job." - BT 08/15

"I would like to thank you very much for your excellent work. You transformed my loco in to a true beauty." - AM 08/15

"We have steamed the loco this evening and it has run well with the new r/c and repairs. Many thanks again for your works and prompt service." - CI 07/15

"Thank you for a first class job." - SD 07/15

"I think you have surpassed yourself. It really is better than I had thought possible. It completely captures the age and character perfectly." - MD 06/15

"It looks simply stunning. The quality of your work is top notch, and your communication and professionalism throughout this process have been first class all the way. Thank you so much for a job well done! I would not hesitate to use your services again in the future or recommend you to anyone who is thinking of doing so. It's actually hard to believe its the same loco." - PT 06/15

"I have to admit to being slightly gob-smacked (I believe that this is the technical term) concerning the transformation from a clump of green goo to an elegant Penrhyn-plausible locomotive. Looks absolutely spiffing, and feel free to quote me." - AM 05/15

"Ran the loco this morning, it was a pleasure to get her back in good working order. Thank you again for getting my loco fixed and returned to me so quickly." - MS 05/15

"Picked up my loco today. Beautiful result. Looks 100% better. Absolutely cracking talented job, again......." - AM 04/15

"Looks fantastic. Even better in person, thanks again - another wonderful job I think." - LP 04/15

"I hardly recognise her! What a smart engine she is now." - ST 03/15

"Just received engine, looks beautiful, thanks for your hard work, look forward to sending more jobs your way." - PE 02/15

"You did an absolute perfect job, and with best wishes from Switzerland!" - AM 02/15

"Package just arrived, unpacked and the loco looks grand." - JB 12/14

"It has arrived and looks stunning, much better than your pictures. Thanks again, really pleased." - JG 12/14

"Many thanks for a job well done. And did I mention that my loco looks absolutely fantastic!" - AM 11/14

"My loco's bodywork has just arrived and is looking terribly smart. Lovely job, thank you." - RW 10/14

"Just a short note to say how pleased I was with the work you carried out. Gave the loco a good run the other day and it performed impeccably." - PG 10/14

"My loco has returned safe and sound. I am extremely impressed with the quality of your work. I will be in contact again. Having now seen this loco lined out I think my Lady Anne may end up in the same livery." - DA 08/14

"Absolutely stunning, beautiful! My street cred with the grand kids has just rocketed. I've gained a loco in a livery I can happily add to the line's roster, and a loco they will very easily associate with a certain famous Tank Engine! It was always going to be a fine line but you've absolutely cracked it. Marvellous! Many, many thanks for your exquisite work and excellent service once again!" - CS 07/14

"My loco is in short stunning and really really beautiful. You have helped me to achieve a long held dream, for that I thank you."
- CP 07/14

"I am sitting at my desk, with the engine by the side of my lap-top, admiring it. I shall probably be doing so for some time! You have done a great job." - NO 07/14

"Thanks Rhos Helyg for fast, good value, quality service." - GR 05/14

"Many thanks for doing an excellent job with the painting and lining. Thanks also for organising and supplying the makers plate which adds a brilliant touch of detail." - NH 03/14

"It arrived this morning, I have just unpacked it, it looks lovely, thank you. Now I must get on and finish it!" - DM 03/14

"Lovely, lovely, lovely. A very nice job - I'm exceeding pleased." - AM 02/14

"The effect is brilliant. I'm really pleased with the result, many many thanks." - SB 02/14

"A quick note to inform you that my model has been safely returned and to thank you for your prompt and efficient service."
- AJ 01/14

"It looks even better than I thought it would!!" - ME 01/14

"Arrived safe & sound & looks fantastic." - PR 01/14

"Beautiful work! Thanks for taking on this project." - SA 11/13

"Thanks for such a superb job on the Hunslet." - CT 10/13

"It looks superb!" - RK 10/13

"They look absolutely superb. A three dimensional painting that would rank amongst the greats. The rust and wear patterns on the waste trucks is just right and that slate truck looks so real." - DL 09/13

"WOW - I really like the look of those. From being good to brilliant with just the right touch of artistry. You have done an amazing job on those that I could never have done." - DL 08/13

"Oh my word, it looks absolutely fantastic!" - ZB 08/13

"It looks a new engine - really good." - MC 08/13

"My loco has arrived in perfect condition. Just what I wanted!" - GM 07/13

"WOAH! Absolutely stunning! Thanks for a superb job and service, I'm absolutely chuffed to bits, brilliant!" - CS 06/13

"They are as impressive as the photos you sent looked, and we are extremely pleased with your work." - SE 05/13

"I am delighted with what you have done to bring a difficult shape to life. I hope you enjoyed the challenge and I look forward to working with you again soon." - RB 05/13

"I received the tender this morning, safe and sound and am very pleased with it. Thank you for your excellent service and workmanship." - PK 04/13

"Thank you for all that you have done to overhaul my loco. I am sure that I will have more jobs for you in the future." - NO 03/13

"Have steamed my loco a couple of times now and she is superb, the valve gear timing is spot on." - SS 03/13

"Wow! She looks great!" - RH 03/13

"The wagons arrived safely today as promised . . . I am highly delighted with the result." - SB 02/13

"I must just say what a marvellous job it appears you have done! I really am impressed, my expectation of project have been surpassed!" - LP 02/13

"I have been very impressed with the work, the friendly service and the value for money. I will be very happy to recommend your services to others." - PL 02/13

"It looks even better in the flesh and I am very pleased with the effect you have achieved." - MD 01/13

"You have made a fantastic job of the loco and I am pleased that we went for the traditional livery in the end." - DD 01/13

"I have just put my loco at eye level in my (home) office where it looks stunning. I didn't think I'd ever get such an accurate model of this loco. Thank you so much." - BS 11/12

"I can't get over what a difference your work makes to the loco, thank you ever so much." - JC 11/12

"I am so pleased with your work! It is finer than the photographs depicted, and it looked wonderful in the photographs! Thank you for repairing and painting/lining it, and thank you for all the communication along the way." - SA 09/12

"Just to say that I unpacked her last night and she looks magnificent. ... I was particularly impressed with the pump but overall the quality and finish is brilliant." - MB 08/12

"I'm really impressed by the work you've done and I like the overall appearance very much." - JM 08/12

"My loco arrived yesterday, and it is as stunning as it looked in the photos, many thanks again." - AG 07/12

"The loco looks fantastic. I think the cream paintwork on the back of the spectacle plate really makes a change from all that black, and the lining work is excellent too. I'm also very impressed with the coal load on the bunker. ... I hope you're as pleased with the result as I am." - JM 04/12

"Wow, she looks marvelous. A great job thanks, I like the colour and finish very much." - JP 04/12

"All arrived safely yesterday evening - and it looks splendid in the flesh." - IB 04/12

"I took my loco along to our 16mm group meeting today. I'm pleased to tell you that without exception everyone who looked at it was very complimentary about your handiwork!" - SH 11/11

"Many thanks thanks indeed for taking a look at my locos for me; a pleasure doing business with you."> - JL 08/11

"Just to let you know that the locomotive has just arrived here safely and looks gorgeous." - DS 07/11

"I am delighted with the look of the engine. Transformational and very pleasing on the eye. It looks like a real locomotive now." - WM 06/11

"One word........superb." - GC 05/11

"I think it would be safe to say that I am more than pleased with the end result. Thank you for producing such a lovely end product for me." - KG 04/11

"Thanks, the loco looks absolutely great, just as I wanted it." - DS 03/11

"It really is grand to have it back, not only rebuilt - but in full working order. I have no hesitation in recommending your service to others in our hobby." - GW 02/11

"Now that is what I call a Christmas treat - it looks FANTASTIC!" - CB 12/10

"My loco arrived yesterday as expected. He looks very smart thank you. The decision to go for satin rather than gloss was right." - RW 11/10

"It looks brilliant thank you. I can appreciate all the extra work that goes into things like the cab and the coal and installing the cranks so the prices you charge seem a real bargain!" - CH 11/10

"Mine, all mine! Fantastic job Tony ... the paint job - superb!." - DM 07/10

"STUNNING! Thank you very much; how very lucky I am." - AH 04/10

"Just wanted to say thanks again for doing those wagons, they look great!" - CH 03/10