Tender for Roundhouse "Millie" and "Bertie"

This 4-wheel tender was designed to operate with the Roundhouse "Millie" and "Bertie" model steam locomotives with the bodywork style matching that used on the locomotives as closely as possible. In particular, the lower edge of the tender body is at the same height above rail level as the lower edge of the locomotive's body, and the tender body is exactly the same width as the locomotive's cab. A lamp bracket is provided on the back of the tender and a removeable dummy coal load fills the top.

Like the locomotives, these tenders are available in either 32mm or 45mm and are not re-gaugeable. They are not electrically insulated as Roundhouse Engineering do not supply either "Millie" or "Bertie" with insulated wheels.

The tender is of all-metal construction, with brass used for the tender body and steel used for the frame, giving a rugged construction. The axle guards are whitemetal castings and they are fitted with brass bearings to give very smooth running characteristics. Wheels from the Slater's range of Ffestiniog Railway slate waggon kits are used on 32mm gauge tenders, usually of the six-hole type but the other types (six curly spokes or three holes) may be fitted on request. Tenders for 45mm gauge are fitted with I P Engineering plain disc wheels. The locomotive's rear buffer beam (and its optional overlay) are incorporated in to the tender frame, and a replacement buffer beam for the rear of the loco incorporating a drawbar fixing is included with the tender.

The tender forms an ideal location for any radio control equipment fitted to these locomotives and can contain the radio receiver, batteries and switch harness. Suitable holes are provided in the tender front for the radio on/off switch, and in the tender floor and the locomotive's replacement rear buffer beam to allow radio servo cables to be run between tender and loco with the absolute minimum of visual impact. A short servo cable extension lead may be needed to complete the connection to the radio control receiver.

Wheelbase: 69mm
Width over body: 95mm (Millie), 106mm (Bertie)
Overall length (excluding coupling): 127mm
Approximate weight: 600g

Use of these tenders is not restricted to "Millie" and "Bertie" as they can be made to any height or width to suit many other types of model locomotive. Styling details (corner shapes, position/presence of handrails, etc.) derived from the loco can also be incorporated.

Tenders are available in any standard Roundhouse BS or RAL gloss colour and always with a black interior. Please note that there may be a very slight colour difference between the tender and the locomotive simply due to variations in the paint manufacturing process. Every effort will be made to make a perfect match, but these variations can only be eliminated completely by respraying the locomotive body with the same paint as used on the tender.

Other colours, finishes (satin or matt) and lining are available on request at additional cost, as are any alterations required to the locomotive's cab back sheet.

Please email for more information.

Roundhouse "Millie" after full repaint with lining, and addition of tender with doorway in cab back:

45mm gauge tender for a Roundhouse "Bertie":

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