Overhaul of Dylan, Lady Anne and Old Colonial locomotives with slip-eccentric valve gear

The Rhos Helyg Locomotive Works is pleased to offer a full mechanical overhaul service for Roundhouse Engineering Dylan, Lady Anne and Old Colonial locomotives fitted with slip-eccentric valve gear. Both 0-4-0 and 0-6-0 chassis can be repaired.

It was in 1982 that these locomotives first appeared from Roundhouse Engineering, and they have gone on to become the treasured possessions of their proud owners. However, after years of use many are now suffering from worn mechanical parts and loose wheels which can result in poor performance, or in some cases no performance at all! With replacement parts for the slip-eccentric valve gear unobtainable for several years there appeared to be little hope of ever returning these machines to full working order. Until now...

Replacement parts for slip-eccentric valve gear are once again available from Roundhouse Engineering, but they cannot be used as a direct replacement for the parts fitted to the majority of locos with this valve gear. The new valve gear is designed to fit the current design of ¼-inch diameter axles and so a lot of other replacement parts (wheels, bearings, cranks, etc.) are also needed to return a locomotive to full working order.

One major advantage of using the current style of wheels and axles is that at the end of the overhaul process the locomotive will no longer have its wheels set to a fixed gauge and it can be re-gauged easily for 32mm or 45mm track. However, it is not possible to fit insulated wheels for use on electrified railways.

The overhaul process offered by the Rhos Helyg Locomotive Works includes:
 - Cylinder refurbishment (re-facing of slide valves, new gaskets, piston and valve rod glands and piston rings)
 - Fitting of new axle bearings, axles, cranks and wheels
 - Fitting of new crank pins and coupling and connecting rods
 - Fitting of new slip-eccentric valve gear and valve spindle ends
 - Setting of valve timing for optimum performance
 - Modifications to the chassis to allow easy regauging from 32mm to 45mm, and vice versa
 - Rebuilding of meths burner to fit around new valve gear (wicks replaced with modern material, existing tank re-used)
 - Painting of wheels in black and painting of cranks in red or black (owner's choice)
 - A running-in process, allowing the loco to be used immediately on return to the owner
 - Test running in steam

Please email for more details, and please include as much information about your locomotive as you can, including photographs if possible.

Typical 0-6-0 chassis fitted with slip-eccentric valve gear prior to rebuild and showing non-adjustable wheels:

The same 0-6-0 chassis after fitting of new mechanical parts (meths burner not shown) and showing adjustable wheels:

This page was last updated on 14th October 2015